Tuesday, January 19, 2010


When my wife and I first came to HPC in 1999, then known as CBC (ES), the only familiar face that we knew was Pastor William Wan. Yet over these many years we have come to form many precious friendships in this community that accepted us. I am very sure that these relationships will endure and continue on and on into the future. Yet more than the mere building of friendships, we have also seen the willingness of the people here to work for and help one another. My experiences have taught me that community means, not just finishing the race yourself, but also ensuring that others lagging behind are encouraged to do the same, by running with them and ensuring that they too finish the race.

I can still remember clearly the comment my wife made when we joined the HPC community, “you can see that they really care for one another.” This has indeed been borne out by what we ha0ve seen in our years here. We (meaning our HPC community) have this capacity to care for one another. When a member has needs, others help in whatever way they can – helping them to find employment, giving financially, mourning with those who suffer loss, etc. This is what community is all about – caring for those burdened, who are at risk of being left by the wayside, and ensuring that they too finish this journey of life with us. That is why I believe HPC has the makings of a great community, if we do not give up on one another. We are still a young community but we can build on this foundation that is already there. Let us always ask God for spiritual eyes that will be able to look beyond our own needs and discern the greater needs of others in our midst. When we do so, we will enflesh the words of Eph 4:32a, “Be kind and compassionate to one another…” We will also then be able, as a community, to look to the larger Christian community and the world outside our gates, and ask God to help us fulfill his agenda for them.

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