Thursday, January 19, 2012

Moving Forward

The church is called to be a leader in the community. Each one of us too will be called by God to be a leader - whether in church, workplace or elsewhere. Some of you are already serving in leadership in our church – as an elder, deacon, ministry or CG leader, etc. I believe to be most effective as a leader one has to strive to be faithful rather that aim to be successful according to the world's standards. God uses leaders who are faithful.

God has a purpose for HPC and we should faithfully carry out his purpose for gathering us in HPC. Therefore, the Elders & Deacons (EDC) have committed 2012 to discovering God's will and direction for HPC and seeking to fulfill it. Prior to this, the EDC have agreed that the church structure including responsibilities, decision-making process, line of accountability, etc should first be confirmed. Thus, they have tasked me to prepare a draft of this structure and present this to the EDC for deliberation. After this, the elders will meet to discuss on the matter of the mission and direction of the church post-2012. Included below are the suggested timelines for both matters.

Nov 2011-Jan 2012 – Fact-finding, prayer and reflection on Structure
28 Jan 2012  – First draft circulated to EDC
25 Feb 2012 – EDC & pastors Retreat
03 Mar 2012 – Final draft circulated to ministry leaders
24 Mar 2012 – EDC, pastors & ministry leaders Retreat
26 May 2012 – Church structure presented at ACM

Apr-June 12 – Fact-finding, prayer and reflection on HPC Mission & Direction
07 Jul 2012  – First draft circulated to EDC
28 Jul 2012  – EDC & pastors Retreat
04 Aug 2012 – Final draft circulated to ministry heads
25 Aug 2012 – EDC, pastors & ministry heads Retreat
15 Sep 2012 – Calendar of Activities by ministry heads
15 Oct 2012 – Budget Submission by ministry heads
01 Nov 2012 – Print Structure and Mission and Direction in a HPC handbook

A healthy church is marked by people who pray. Every movement of God in history was under-girded with faithful prayer-warriors who cried out to God daily. When God’s people pray to him in earnest, he will answer in power. Thus, we invite you to pray for the leadership as they pray and reflect on these matters. When our Lord comes again, may his praise be found in you.

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