Thursday, May 20, 2010

Be Still and Know...

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One of the songs that we sing in church is Don Moen’s ‘Still/Be Still’, which is adapted from Isaiah 43 and Ps 46. Many times have I asked, as I am sure you have, “what does it mean to be still before God?” Someone sent me the following poem which has given me much food for reflection. In the times when your life circumstances threaten to overwhelm you, thus may our good and gracious Lord also speak to you!.

My child, I have said in my Word:
Though the earth be moved,
Though the waters thunder,
Though the mountains tremble,
Though the winds blow,
Though the storms rage;

Though your bills are due,
Though your boss harasses you at the office,
Though your husband won't act right,
Though your wife won't act right,
Though your children are disobedient,
Though there's sickness in your body,
Though your colleagues get on your nerves;
Stop your WORRIES!
Stop your DOUBTING!
Stop your FROWNING!

Cease your fears, and dry up your tears,
For I'm right there to comfort you,
I'm right there to guide you,
I'm right there to hold you up,
I'm right there to heal you,
I'm right there to deliver you.
So cast your cares upon me because I care for you.
My child this is what I mean by being still and knowing

Author Unknown

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