Monday, October 25, 2010

Who Will Watch the Watchers Who are Watching the Watchers!

Wow! Today I have found out that no matter how liberal in thought and broad-minded people claim to be, they will reserve their RIGHT to censor you just because they are in charge. And despite censoring you, they will post all sorts of judgments on you and presume all sorts of conclusions about you. And of course you have already been muffled by then. 

I guess that is why Jesus gave us the Golden Rule! Do unto others as you want them to do to you? That means if we want someone to act justly to us, we ourselves must act justly towards others even if we do not receive justice from the ones we act justly to. If we want to have a right to be heard on our thoughts then we too must give others the right say their piece without judging to condemn them even when their thoughts are jarring to our sensibilities.

That's sad but it is life, real down-to-earth, no-up-in-the-ivory-tower kind of life. I have to learn this for myself and especially not get bogged down in vain and preening arguments.

That is why I have learned one thing and that is never let someone else's actions ruin your day. Life is too good to let others pull you down, no matter how unjustly they act against you.

But still my heart begs this question - I wonder, who will watch the watchers who claim to watch out for us?

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