Wednesday, May 23, 2012

God Uses Mustard Seed-sized People

I read that the mustard plant in Israel is actually a weed. You know what you usually do with weeds. When you see them in your garden, you just rip them up and throw them away or burn them. You won’t find weeds in a nursery or flower shop. They are seen as useless. I read that is why in Israel the rabbis banned mustard seeds from being sown in gardens because they would overwhelm the natural plants growing there. What is the picture before us here today? God uses the things that are unimpressive to overwhelm the natural, i.e. sinful world and bring about God’s order in this world. That is why no one can ever use an excuse like “I am not ready” or “I am too young” to avoid serving God. No one is ever too young or unequipped that God cannot use him or her. All a person needs is to be faithful and available. God’s grace will help us to make his Kingdom a reality to those around you.

I never dreamed that one day I would go to Bible College and become a pastor. If fifteen years ago, anyone had told me I would be a pastor, I would have laughed derisively at the idea. Fifteen years ago I was still in the Helping Hand and just five years on the road to recovery from a long-term drug habit. I used to look out each morning at the people going about their work in the morning and I would ask God, “These people have so many skills to offer you. What can I do for you, God?” After I finished my program, I was asked to become a staff-helper. My work was like that of an office boy. I kept the files, cleaned the tables, mundane things like that. But God gave me opportunities to grow in my service there. When the staff in charge of the publications resigned, I was given the task of writing and editing the newsletter articles. When the admin staff resigned, I was given the task of writing letters representing the ministry. When they needed staff to run a halfway house in the Philippines, I was sent there and I learnt to preach. God used the process of growth to slowly shape me. In all these tasks of preaching, teaching, writing, never did I think I would ever be good at them. Even today, I dare not say I am good. However, I walk in the faith that God has not finished working with me. I believe that as long I keep busy doing the ministry that I can do know, he will continue to lavish his grace on me and help me to grow even more.

I believe this is the principle of God’s Kingdom. God uses people who make themselves available.  And while using them as his instruments, his grace also empowers them and helps them to grow so that he can use them more effectively still. God can help you to grow if you are not busy in his kingdom. So you are never too young or too inexperienced to start being useful to God. Never think of what you cannot do. Think first of what you can do and just do it. Trust in God’s grace to help you do the things you think you cannot do.

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