Wednesday, July 7, 2010

HPC Family Day – Experiencing God Together

The book, “Experiencing God Together” by Henry & Melvin Blackaby answers the “so what?” question after we are saved and baptized. The book begins by reminding every Christian that he is called of od and that there is no distinction between those who stand in the pulpit and who sit in the pews. To help us discern and live out that call, God speaks to us through His Word. We answer God’s call as we read the Scriptures and respond in obedience to His voice.

However, obedience to God’s call for our lives has a context and setting - a community of believers known as the church. The authors state “there is a corporate dimension to the nature of God’s purpose for each individual Christian.” We are saved to accomplish God’s purpose THROUGH the church he places us in.

The church is known as the body of Christ (1 Cor 12:27, Eph 4:12) where Christ is the head. Therefore, it is the church that Christ will instruct and motivate to fulfill the mission that God has willed for it. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the church is then enabled to carry out her mission. As we can see, everything is pure grace. We are given a purpose for our lives and we are given power to carry out this purpose as we use our Spirit-given gifts to build up the church where we are placed. I would like to recommend that you read this book “Experiencing God Together”. Whether you are a new Christian seeking God’s Will for your life or further up the Christian road of life, this book can help you to know or reinforce what you already know about God’s call for your life. It will help us to love and serve our fellow members of the Body of Christ, thereby fulfilling our mission and help the lost find Christ.

Our recent HPC Family Day on 26 June 2010 was a wonderful way for all of us to Experience God Together. The CG Committee (Vincent & Siew Beng Goh, Soong Kuan and Shirley Wong, Karen Peng and Tan Eu Gin) had worked very hard in the previous months to help this day bear fruit. The planning, logistics and setting-up took up a lot of precious resources and time. The CG leaders too chipped in by mobilizing their members to man the stalls. This gave everyone a chance to serve as well as to enjoy the games and fellowship. Finally, at day’s end, many of our people came forward to help clean the premises up so that we could return the borrowed premises in pristine condition to our neighbours, OWIS. These deeds are a testimony. They witness of how Christian brethren can love and serve each other and build up the body of Christ. They are also a witness of our call to be good neighbours to the people amidst us. God is glorified in our working together to ensure OWIS did not have a bad experience in allowing us the use of their premises.

May God’s grace continue to empower and mold us so that we can help fulfill God’s Will for HPC!

The book “Experiencing God Together” is found in READS, our HPC Library on the third floor. It is excellently-written and very-readable. READS also has many other books on Christian living, Christian Family Life as well as CDs and DVDs available for free loan. The library is open before and after our 11am service. I highly recommend that you take time out to check its resources today.

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