Sunday, July 11, 2010

Making the Impossible Possible

The miracle of the feeding of the 5,000 in the Gospels is a captivating one. One lesson we can learn from it is that little becomes much when Christ is in it (Mark 6:43, 44). The Bible has many examples telling us that when the smallest, most insignificant things are surrendered to God, they become of great worth as he uses them.
  • Gideon's 300 men routed a great host of the Midianites.
  • Daniel was in exile but rose to become adviser to four kings in his lifetime.
  • The widow's two coins were a greater offering than that of the rich Pharisee.
  • The boy's lunch was enough to feed more than 5,000 men.
When we work in partnership with God, our little plus His power and provision becomes abundance. I read this story about a Christian who lived in a small town in the US and ran a provision store. One day a family moved in across the road and because the shop was nearby, the father, who was a non-Christian, would come into the store to do his shopping. After one year, he went to the pastor of a nearby church and said, "The store-keeper is a trustworthy and honorable man. I want to be like him." And so the pastor explained to the man about Jesus and how Jesus can change his life. The man accepted Christ and then he opened his home to the church to use. Two of his daughters became missionaries. So many wonderful things happened because one simple man was faithful with his life. All he did was influence one man with his Christian life.

There is a hymn that we sing regularly "All to Jesus, I surrender. All to him I freely give". When we do that sincerely, we enter into partnership with our mighty God who will then be able to use us. Therefore let us not say, “we have nothing to give or we have too little to give.” Rather let us be like the little boy with the five loaves and two fish who said, “I only have this but I will give it to the Lord anyway.”

Jesus performed the miracle of feeding ALL the people, even though it appeared that there was NOT enough to go around. This impossible feat became possible only because one little boy was faithful in the small things that he had with him. I know when we have little, it can be hard to share with others but I believe that what we give to God is returned to us many times over in the joy and satisfaction that he fills our hearts with. What we give to our Lord in time, energy and resources will give us far greater fulfillment than if we were to use them for ourselves.

So that is the challenge before us today. Let us not struggle and lament at what we are unable to do for God in the church today. Let us learn from this miracle that tasks that look impossible with our own resources are opportunities for God to manifest his glory. Miracles are possible if we perform our part faithfully first and commit what we cannot do to our Lord who is sovereign over all things.

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